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"This concert was a true experience. From double harps to Katherine's brilliant interpretation, it was a magical night. Michael's command allows any audience to surrender to the power of music."

Adám Edwards - Film Composer, Panhook Pictures

Los Angeles, CA

"There have been many people who have inspired me throughout my life. Professor Powers is one of those people... I have only known him for about a year now, but during that time I have learned so much and I have improved, as well. He really cares and encourages me to do well.


...I felt like instruments could not really give the emotion the same way a singer could with words, I thought to myself. He told me, “every piece has a story to tell, so tell it”. I never really looked at it that way, now every time I play a piece, I try to imagine that I'm telling a story, with my phrasings, dynamics, and more. He has really pushed me a lot, and I appreciate that very much. I am more than thankful to him that I feel more confident today about my playing."

Deysi S. - Horn Student, Los Angeles City College

Los Angeles, CA

"...Simply put, Michael is the consummate professional; an extraordinary musician with an amazing work ethic not to mention respectful of everyone he is working with. He doesn't waste time, on the contrary, he gets more done in a short amount of time than anyone I know. But here's what I love about him the most; he will work tirelessly to get it right. Musical rehearsals can be stressful to say the least but Michael is the one calming influence on the rehearsal process. He can work effortlessly with all kinds of personalities. That's a gift."

Karen Benjamin - Professional Singer, Director, Voice Teacher

Los Angeles, CA

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"My understanding and respect for what a conductor does has expanded ten-fold, having now attempted to walk in those shoes (or literally stand on that podium and wield that baton)! But as we know, many conductors "out there" don't have the talent or skill or devotion to actually realize the comprehensive and complex elements that you taught us to weave into our work. Your unique conducting and musical abilities are truly inspiring, as you demonstrate the highest level in every aspect of your craft. Your love and passion for music are infectious. Not every great musician is a good teacher, but you are, and show respect for your students of all levels at all times. You are never condescending and your supportive guidance is the perfect platform for growth and learning.


Although I don't know if I will have the time or space in my curriculum and schedule to take another conducting course, I hope that someday I will have the opportunity to study with you again. I am so thankful to have taken my Instrumental Conducting journey with you and begin my doctoral studies with such a profoundly impactful musical experience.


With tremendous appreciation,


Michele Patzakis

Head Teaching Assistant, Vocal Arts

USC Thornton School of Music.

Michele P. - USC Doctoral Student, Professional Opera Singer

Los Angeles, CA

"...With his passion for music and art, Michael pushes us to be better musicians and better people. Respecting the group. commitment to practice, gaining and retaing knowledge, dedication to our craft - these are just a few of the qualities he works to instill in us. He holds us to a high standard and demands us do the same. Since his hire, members of the orchestra are holding more outside class sectionals and are spending more time in practice rooms. As Concertmaster, I have noticed a vast improvement not only in skill but also in work ethic...We are a better group because of Michael's teaching, leadership and compassion."

Colleen K. - Concertmaster, PCC Orchestra

Pasadena, CA

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